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It is Wise Fool New Mexico's mission to ignite imagination, build community, and promote social justice through performance and hands-on experience in the arts of circus, puppetry, and treatre. 

Wise Fool offers workshops and classes to people of all ages in schools, libraries, community centers and onsite at our studios. These hands-on creative experiences impart life skills and encourage self-determination in participants while building teamwork and respect in the community. 

                                                           It's Happening! 

The packing process has begun and we are preparing 

for the big move to our new studio at 1131 Siler Rd. 

As many hands make light work,

we hope to have your support 

as we pack up our top hats and stilts and begin to mosey down the street. 


Your help will make all of the difference!

Packing Party Dates-

Evening Party- Monday, Aug 24th @ 7pm - 9:30pm

Morning Party- Tuesday, Aug 25th @ 10am - 2pm

Evening Party- Wednesday, Aug 26th @7pm - 9:30pm

Morning Party- Thursday, Aug 27th @ 10am - 2pm

*Please bring boxes & plastic containers that can be shared with the group*

Weekend Moving Dates-

All day- Aug 29th & 30th

All day- Sept 5th & 6th

All day- Sept 12th & 13th

Jobs that require Specific Skills- 

These jobs will have a professional overseeing the activities but knowledgeable 

worker-bees are needed to efficiently complete the jobs by our deadline. 

Are you available to lend your talents?

Carpentry Skills- Our loft shelving units, cubbies, stilt organizers, cabinets, and counters are all coming with us. We will need groups to assist in the breaking down of these items in the old studio and setting up in the new studio. 

Metal Workers- The Aerial Tressing will need individuals with experience working with metal and heights to help secure this beautiful piece of metal to the rafters. 

Studio Floor- We will need at least 15 people to help lay down the floor. Don't be shy if you haven't done this before. Its a very easy BUT time consuming process. This group will be guided and given easy instructions. Please contact us with availability, as the date for this activity is being set right now. 

We want you with us for this ambitious move!

Shoot us an email and let us know when you are available. 

New! Fall 2015 Class Schedule

Thanks to our new space, we are offering lots of great classes, take a look at the schedule below or click here for more information:

Did you know that Wise Fool NM is moving? 

Wise fool will bid 'farewell' to our beloved home on agua fria as we begin the next circus chapter at our new home at 1131 Siler rd.  We are talking Twice the square footage, baby! two studios to train and perform, an art studio for budding and established artists- Wise fool is ready to house the growing talent that thrives in New mexico. 

We will begin the moving process at the end of august/beginning of september. 

Are you free to loan a helping hand?

Are you gleefully passionate about donating time/truck-beds/miscellaneous talents to the moving process?

Are you tickled pink to organize, pack and sort through the most ridiculous costume closet you have ever seen?

We want you with us for this ambitious move!

Please contact Rachel at  mdirector@wisefoolnm.org and let us know when you are available. 

"Dang, I missed that awesome thing at Wise Fool!"

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